Texas License To Carry

The Texas license to carry allows you to carry without all the restrictions that come with permitless carry. Our course is easy and on a basic level. If you are serious about carrying and protecting yourself and your family, the Texas LTC is for you. Get the peace of mind that comes with a license to carry.

We service the Robstown and Corpus Christi area. If you are wanting to get your Texas license to carry we would love to have you in class.

Benefits of a Texas LTC

  • Carry in more places
  • Fewer restrictions
  • Trespass protection
  • Legal protection
  • Carry past no gun signs
  • School zone carry
  • Campus carry
  • Bypass background check when buying guns
  • Carry in 37 states
  • Interactions with police officers

What to bring to class

  • Semi auto or revolver (any caliber)
  • 50 rounds of ammo (no reloads)
  • Eye protection (sunglasses or any kind of glasses will work)
  • Ear protection (ear plugs or muffs are fine)
  • No open toe shoes
  • Ball cap or hat with a bill recommended but not required
  • Shirts that are low cut around the neck are not recommended

We have free loaner guns for class if needed. Bring 50 rounds of 9mm if using our loaner gun as all of our loaners are 9mm.

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